Dick Grayson’s Possible Dark Future

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Robin, the Boy Wonder, was first introduced as Batman’s sidekick in Detective Comics #40.  Dick Grayson eventually branched out to be his own here, founding the Teen Titans and soon adopting the costumed identity of Nightwing.  Recently in the wake of Batman’s apparent death, Dick assumed the mantle of the Dark Knight.

In this (somewhat lengthy) fan trailer, Robin steps into the action in search of answers to the death of his mentor Batman and surprisingly must battle hero and villain alike in his quest for justice.


Legend of Zelda: Link to the Theatre

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Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka presented the highly successful Legend of Zelda series in 1986 on the original Nintendo Entertainment System.  The series has only grown in popularity since its debut and has had numerous subsequent releases on all of the major Nintendo console and hand-held releases.

The popularity of the game series also inspired a cartoon series within the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and a comic book run published by Valiant Comics.  IGN produced a fan trailer for a Legend of Zelda theatrical movie as an April Fools prank.  Many fans were disappointed to learn that it was not a real movie trailer, but it did indicate the possibilities and interest in such a project.

How big of a Zelda fan are you?  Would you be interested in a live-action Legend of Zelda film?

It all started with a Big Bang

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Why did I not find this show sooner?

The thing is, I have a lot of problems with anything that is hyped excessively, so I probably put my blinders on for this show.  Fortunately, my eyes have been opened and I have seen the first two seasons of The Big Bang Theory on DVD, the third season will soon be released, and the fourth season is under way.

So, what exactly is the appeal with this show?  Well, the characters are nerds, but not your classic nerds.  They certainly are comic book, science fiction, and fantasy fanatics who frequent the comic shop on Wednesdays (new comic day), attend medieval fairs in costume, play Wii and XBox, and watch Star Trek, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica … you get the idea.  The big difference is that these are not your typical high-school nerds.  These are adults, and successful professionals.

Howard, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, and Rajesh

Leonard – Arguably the main character of the show, Leonard is an experimental physicists who received his PhD at the age of 24.  He shares an apartment with Sheldon, and is infatuated with is neighbour across the hall, Penny.  Additional note: Enjoy the T-Shirts he wears in the episodes, though perhaps not as closely as Sheldon’s.

Sheldon – A child prodigy who started college at the age of 11, Sheldon earned a PhD in theoretical physics at the age of 16.  Sheldon is a creature of habit, who must follow an extremely strict schedule for all of his day-to-day activities or he cannot function.  He also has trouble with the normal concepts of sarcasm and irony.  He shares his apartment with Leonard.  Additional note: Enjoy the wide range T-Shirts he wears in the episodes.

Penny – The ‘norm’ of the group, Penny moved to Pasadena to be an actress but so far has only managed to get a job as a watress at The Cheesecake Factory.

Howard – A jewish aerospace engineer who lives with his regularly screaming mother, Howard engineered designs which have been used on the Space Shuttle and elsewhere for NASA.  He must defend himself for not having a PhD but is quick to indicate that his work yields physical results unlike the work of his friends. Howard falsely considers himself a ladies man.  Additional note: Enjoy the belt buckles he wears in the episodes.

Rajesh – An astrophysicist, Rajesh is so uncomfortable around women he cannot even speak in their presence unless he is drinking.  He is regularly berated by his parents who talk to him via webcam from India.

The show is well written and funny, and it has just enough comic books, science fiction, and fantasy references to warrant repeated watches just to catch it all.  The sets are also generously decorated with such materials to pick out for fun, and of course there are Sheldon’s T-shirts.  It could be considered a “nothing show” as Seinfeld was, or a “relationship show” as Friends was, but it is like these and so much more.  If you have not given it a try, do so.  If you already enjoy it… continued to do so.  Either way, let me know what you think.

Acceptable Loss?

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No matter which film or television show we watch, we always cheer for the good guys.  Of course we do.  The bad guys are, well, bad – or at least they are from our singular point of view.  Do the bad guys really think they are bad?  To the bad guy, the good guys are the bad guys.  No really, they are simply striving for what they want and they someone steps in and rains on their parade.  Do we ever put ourselves in the shoes of the little guy?  The foot soldier trapped in duty and simply following orders?  Well, perhaps we should.  What do you think?

A sequel…. almost 30 years later???

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Released in 1982 by Disney, Tron gave us a look at a digital world, a world inside a computer, a Metaverse. We learned that programs are created in the programmer’s image, and the classic struggle between good and evil rages on in ones and zeros.  The film was not initially as successful as was hoped, but with a solid and loyal fan base the film has endured and maintained somewhat of a cult following.

Fast forward to December of 2010 and, believe it or not, Disney is launching a sequel to the original film.  Yes, a continuation.  Not a re-envisioning or reboot.  Tron Legacy is a full-fledged sequel to the original.  Judging by the trailer, it appears to have captured the original look, updated to match the technology of today.  It is clean and crisp.  It is visually stunning.  It looks fantastic.  I have got to develop a digitizing laser of my own.  I want to ride on a light cycle, too!

Are you a Tron fan?  Will you see the new film in theatres?


Doctor Who Now?

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Wait, who is this now?  Doctor Who?  But I remember the Doctor looked like … someone else …

Have you been out of the loop?  Have you not watch any Doctor Who for a decade or three?  Have you been living under a rock?  Well, a Time Lord can regenerate from mortal injury by replacing every cell in his body, essentially becoming an entirely new person, so confusion is somewhat understandable.  Here is the rundown from 1963 to now:

William Hartnell, the first Doctor from 1963 to 1966 (with a  guest appearance in 1983 by Richard Hurndall).


Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor from 1966 to 1969.

Jon Pertwee, the third Doctor from 1969 to 1974.

Tom Baker, the fourth Doctor from 1974 to 1981.

Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor from 1981 to 1984.

Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor from 1984 to 1987.

Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor from 1987 to 1989.

At this point, the series was cancelled, but fortunately not forgotten and a Doctor Who television movie was produced:

Paul McGann, the eighth Doctor in 1996.

… which was not very popular, and from what I’ve heard not very good (I have yet to see it).  Still, the idea did not die and was eventually revived with a substancially larger budget:

Christopher Eccleston, the ninth Doctor in 2005.

David Tennant, the tenth Doctor from 2005 to 2009

Matt Smith, the eleventh doctor from 2009 forward.

Wow, it must be great to be immortal… but there is a catch.  The Doctor can regenerate only twelve times, so now with his eleventh incarnation the Doctor has regenerated ten times.  I think it is time to start being far more careful, look both ways before crossing the road, wear a bullet-proof vest and a helmet.  I’m enjoying the Doctor Who series too much for it to come to an end due to carelessness.

As for his travelling companions, well perhaps this will simplify things … or not:

The Doctor's Girls by mimi-na

Who was (is) your favourite Doctor?

Six Million Dollars, and worth every penny!

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Based on the Martin Caidin novel Cyborg, The Six Million Dollar Man started as three television movies in 1973 before launching into a very successful television series in 1974 which was in turn branched off into a the sequel The Bionic Woman starting in 1975.  Three reunion specials were developed after both series were cancelled, and The Bionic Woman was briefly re-envisioned in 2007.  There have been talks of remaking the The Six Million Dollar Man for theatres, but the latest talks involved Jim Carry in the lead role turning the franchise into veritable joke, potentially destroying another childhood memory.

On the plus side, Time Life has announced that the entire run of The Six Million Dollar Man including all television movies will be released in November of 2010  and Universal will release the first season of The Bionic Woman in October of 2010.  Even if the film becomes the disappointment I expect it to, I can maintain my childhood memories by added the DVDs to my home collection.

I’m going to need more shelves…

Are you a Bionic fan?  Will you be getting the DVDs?